Scared Mama Cat Goes Into Labor, Look Who Races To Help Her – Unbelievable!


After the help of a friend, Bonya became a second mother to kitten. She took the baby from the cat’s bed, licked and very touching took care of him. Owners even began to scold the dog because she does not raise a kitty of his own mother. – I even began to blame Bonya for the fact that she took the kitten.

I explained that my mother did not need to pick up the baby. She just turned tail and whined piteously, as if begging for the right to “education of the godson”. In fact, if not for Them, it is not clear what would happen to cat and her offspring, – said Valentina Nikulina. Now the kitten is already firmly on the legs.

As for his mom, cat Alice – Bonya dog became his best friend. He enjoyed playing with his second mom and absolutely not afraid of her.