When She Saw the State Of This Unwanted Dog, The Woman Dropped Everything To Save Him!


This is the story of a touching rescue mission during which woman saved the dog. Darlene learned about the dog who was malnourished and mistreated from her nail technician when she applied to her for manicure. They have known each other for years and she told her about unwanted puppy of her son who was starving. He did not provide food and water to him. The pup did not even had shelter as he was kept in the backyard.
Manicurist thought of euthanasia of the dog but she had to pay $200 for it.
Darlene looked at the photo of the dog whose name was Smokey and saw the dog that looked so thin as if he was kept in concentration camp. She was enraged and rushed to help the doggy. When she found Smokey he could barely walk. There was urgent necessity to take the dog to the vet.
Darlene paid for treatment and took care of him. Watch the whole story.