Saving five orphaned puppies – watch until the end for an amazing transformation


5 small puppies in a cardboard box in the forest. No mom, no water, no food. They survived by miracle. Hungry awful (the volunteers had a lunch, so right off the package from his hands tore). There are no obvious signs of disease.

They just urgently needed to be saved. And now a large family of volunteers is looking for a puppy house! There are both boys and girls. Looks about 3 months. Some are cowardly, and there are brave men. All are drawn to the man. Respond well to it.

Apparently, a pregnant dog was taken to the woods and leaving him there, that would not burden themselves with offspring. And dumped not far from the refuge, we can expect that will pick up and attach… but no, it didn’t happen. Shelter crowded, and not take dogs nor on any conditions.