Rottweiler and kitten become friends


We very much want to believe in friendship between animals, however the majority of scientists claim that games between different types of animals and even their joint dream, it is impossible to carry to manifestation of the friendly relations. Won’t argue with them, let’s think about how to make the relationship between a dog and a cat were not at least an enemy.

Many people who wish to take home a cat, worried for her health and life, so they already have a house dog, and sometimes Vice versa, the cat is already there, and take the dog, but in this case, worried about the cat. Quite often, in such families, where they live and other pet suffer from dog!

What to do to avoid quarrels and fights between a cat and a dog living in your house? Not everything is as bad as it seems at first glance. The world between such different animals is quite possible. There are many stories in which the cat took a little puppy dog or Vice versa has taken under his wing a tiny kitten.