Retired Military Dog Meets a Kitten


When this amazing dog retires after military service and arrives home, he found a little fluffy kitten there. This creature met the dog and he was very surprised to find a new resident at his place. This was a new experience for this smart dog. He did not know how to treat it so he decided to get acquainted closer and started to explore it.
The dog, Chef H067 has little experience of this kind (only the military skills) while the kitty does not have any life experience. The fur baby thinks that this is his new huge playmate and starts his game. This makes the dog even more puzzled. Being huge in comparison with a tiny kitten, the dog is afraid to harm the little cutie in some way. Chef is very gentle as he investigates the kitty. I like the kitten’s attitude. I think that baby is happy to get such a great friend and protector as this dog.