After Rescuing Her And Her Pups, She Does Something That Stops Them In Their Tracks


The dog wasn’t just bad enough that she recently homeland, her stomach was discovered tube. Under obstruction understand partial or complete closure (blockage) of the lumen of the intestine, impeding or making it impossible to further advance the contents of the intestine. Food is delayed in front of an obstacle, like water before a dam.

If early enough the animal won’t help, the disease will end in death as a result of self-poisoning. Bowel obstruction can cause various reasons, primarily the so-called foreign body (inedible and indigestible items) that the animal can eat during the game. So are sick most often young dogs and loving play.

They can swallow a rubber doll, ball, chestnuts, peach pit, bead, pebble, etc. Less common obstruction caused by ingestion of rubber pacifiers, stoppers from bottles, pins, brooches and even watches. Some dogs readily swallow stones, which, fortunately, does not always lead to blockage of the intestine.