Rescuers Find Faithful Dog Waiting For Owner After a Massive Landslide


A mountain of soil and debris covered an industrial Park in the South of the country, near the metropolis of Shenzhen. This dog was just trying to find its home. According to the official news Agency of China Xinhua, 33 buildings were damaged by landslide. According to the data published by the Ministry of public security, the buildings were simply washed away by the sea of red mud.

Many buildings are completely destroyed. Among the buildings affected were 14 factories, two office buildings, one cafe, 13 different workshops and three residential buildings. Since most of the buildings are either destroyed or flooded, the chances of people surviving are slim.

Over the past night, according to associated press, were saved only seven people. China’s Central television reported that a total of 13 victims were hospitalized, many of whom were seriously injured. While the authorities have not reported the victims.