Rescuers Dive Into Dumpster To Save Kittens That Were Thrown Away Like Trash


One of the rescuers peered into the trash and saw a tiny black kitten at the bottom of the dumpster chewing on some garbage. They scooped up the innocent kitten and continued to look for the remaining two. After sifting through trash and following the tiny meows, they found them.

However, the kittens were frightened and ran away when the rescuers tried to pick them up. Instead of trying to catch them by hand they placed a cage with food inside the dumpster. Finally, all three black kittens were captured and on their way to be examined.

The rescuers named the kittens Sardine, Salmon, and Squid. The baby kittens were fed and in good health. Fast forward six weeks and they are typical playful kittens that love to chase anything that moves. They are looking for their forever homes. If you are interested you can contact Room 8 Cats.