Rescuer Workers Find Puppy Taking Its Final Breaths Beside A Cardboard Box


When Animal Aid Unlimited got the call about this poor dog, they did not know what to do. They knew that the animal was facing a very dire situation, though. The dog’s breathing had become quite labored and this is what dogs tend to look like before death. It was clear to see that the animal would need a miracle and a great deal of help to survive this ordeal.

The rescuers rushed the pup to the hospital as quick as they possibly could. The animal’s blood pressure had dwindled to its lowest ebb. Her dehydration was also evident. They had hoped that she would make it through the night but there were a number of doubters. Lilly is a sweet dog and she did not deserve the life that she had been forced to live. Everyone was rooting for her.

She is quite the resilient animal. While most would have predicted that she would die the first night, she managed to make it through the night with flying colors. The progress that she made during her first night alone stunned many. Lilly may have seemed like a goner to most but this is the furthest thing from the truth. She is a special dog who is destined to live a long life.

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