Rescuer Changes The Life Of A Dog That Was Chained For 14 Years


This is the beautiful story of Thayne and his wife Christine a couple who shared in their love of dogs.

In this heartwarming video, uploaded by Youtube Channel: TalkItUpTV, you will watch the hard story of this amazing couple, it’s when Thayne invited cameras into Grey Muzzle Rescue, where Talk It Up TV gives him the surprise of his life. Of course he and his dogs certainly earned it.

When people are asked to explain the meaning of kind, you’ll often hear responses that talk about how selfless, compassionate, and giving a person it. People will say kind people go above and beyond themselves to help others, even when it’s at their own expense at times.

Thayne Hamilton and his late wife, Christine, perfectly exemplify this description of kindness. Over the past 12 years, the duo has rescued over forty elderly dogs from kill shelters all across the country. After caring for so many dogs that have gone through neglect and abuse, Thayne understands just how much love an old dog can give.

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