Rescued Pit Bulls Won’t Stop Kissing


Eyes wide open, head bent to one side, and the mouth was like riding in a smile… This two are keep kissing each other. Many dog owners at such times would give the last shirt, just to see what they think of their pet.

Fortunately, to strip the owners of four-legged beauties, no one is going: the researchers finally found the answers to the questions plaguing people ever since the dog became a different person. What in dog’s nose there are up to three hundred million receptors, sensitive to odors (vs six million people), for a long time.

On the other hand, the moments of tenderness are so pleasing dogs, not one night by candlelight was broken: as soon as the couple start to cuddle, then knock the dog’s tail on the floor, and the dog begins to jump around a home, rejoicing that the house is love.