Rescued Bear Steps Into Freedom For The First Time


In fact, the bears moved into a new pavilion at the end of September, but they needed time to get used to the change of scenery. On Monday, polar bears Frieda and Aaron first went into the yard of his new home. The bears eyes were large and worried. Together they walked the boundaries of the new dwelling.

Frida decided to test their swimming abilities: she swam slowly and calmly. Then the bear lay on the grass to dry its fur coat. The next day in the garden to the polar bears brought the pumpkins and the branches also appeared their favorite toys: Rouleau and balls. On Thursday to him in the pavilion brought large trunks of the birch: they can sniff and scratch. A new smell was particularly interested in the bear Aaron.

In traditional Chinese medicine, bear bile is worth its weight in gold. It is believed that it can cure almost any ailment. So in China today there are many illegal farms where bears are kept alive to extract their bile. It is on this farm lived the bears. They had to quickly redeem and to create for them a new home.