Rescue of a mother dog who gave birth chained in the middle of nowhere


Poor Lara gave birth for several puppies without knowing her future. The main weapon of the pit bulls – they are big and kind heart. This is incredibly loyal and loving dog. They under any circumstances will not betray the owner! But the dog named Lara no luck with man. For some unknown reason the owner left her in the woods tied to a tree.

People from neighboring villages knew that the animal was in that position, but did not dare to help him because of the bad reputation of this breed. They were just afraid to come! It is unknown how much time Lara was in the woods. Fortunately, some local residents still reported her to the animal protection organization. When rescuers arrived at the scene, dumbfounded! It turned out that the dog was pregnant and gave birth to 4 puppies in the woods. Despite the fact that Lara was left without food and water, she bravely nursed their babies! Unfortunately, animal rights activists are a little late – one of the puppies died. But the rest was fine.

The very same Lara was so exhausted that could barely stand on his paws. The dog and her puppies immediately took to the shelter. The first time Lara doesn’t really trust people, but soon got used to the new surroundings and calmed down. Now the dog and kids are safe. Lara continues to look after his children, who’ve grown up.