Rescue of a giant dog who didn’t know how to ask for help


It is not known what survived Arnie, but he has ceased to trust a little more than full. Of his past nothing is known. It was found outside Athens, near the gas station. Lonely, he wandered in search of food and at the sight of people running away.

Two activists from the center for homeless animals, decided to help this huge dog with sad eyes… They came to the gas station where Arnie was spotted. Then began the most difficult: it was necessary to ingratiate himself to the dog, who was afraid of people. The girl decided that she would not call him and attract his attention.

She sat on the curb and started eating sausages, sometimes dropping some of them on the floor. Arnie could smell the enticing smell of the food, but did not dare to get too close. This went on for several hours and the girl even let your partner back home that he would not feel cold.