Rescue Group Saves Two Homeless Dogs From Schoolyard


Hope for Paws has performed tons of epic dog and cat rescues around Los Angeles. In July 2018, they added another amazing rescue to their record when they saved two little homeless dogs from a schoolyard.

The two dogs, Yogi and Boo-Boo, were around the same size and clearly very bonded. They had been running around one neighborhood for weeks. The neighborhood’s residents tried to rescue them, but they were scared of people and kept running away. Finally, they took refuge in a schoolyard.

The residents called Hope for Paws, and they rushed out to rescue the little dogs.

“ When we got the call on the Hope For Paws line, we rushed to the location, but on that first day we couldn’t even find them. It was over 100 degrees outside, so we just created a secure enclosure. The janitor was so kind and offered to keep an eye on them, and he promised that as soon as they go into the enclosure, he will seal the dogs in,” Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, wrote in the rescue video’s description.

Eldad Hagar and his friend Loreta waited, hoping the dogs would follow the trail of food to the secure enclosure. Finally, after 28 hours, the dogs appeared. The janitor called to tell Hope for Paws, and they rushed over to the school. But by the time they got there, the janitor had already left. And so, they had no choice but to scale the fence to get into the schoolyard.

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