Rescue dog dies after suffering heart attack from being terrified by fireworks


Guy Fawkes Night fireworks can be a great way to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately for one British dog rescue center, they can also lead to major issues. This story took place during one fateful night at the center when fireworks were going off outside and they were doing their best to keep their charges safe. Eventually, they believed that it was safe to step outside.

The dogs were allowed to head outdoors to use the bathroom. Winston was one of these dogs and the staff believed that it would be safe for the eight year old Moscow watchdog. Little did they know what would end up happening next. Winston had struggled with abuse in the past and did not do well with loud noises. More fireworks went off and he ran away to hide under the decking.

The other dogs were rounded back up and made it inside. Poor Winston never did. He was found dead the next morning. It is believed that the dog suffered from a heart attack. He had been rescued from his past owners and was taking medication for a heart condition. Emma Billington is the owner of the center. She spoke out about his tragic death.

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