Rescue Corgi Senses Man In Airport Needs Comforting, Approaches Him


Every day we tell you a dozen stories about how some people, at first, very badly treat our smaller brothers, and then other people correct this universal injustice. And the dogs just take and forgive all mankind, wagging his tail and licking the faces of his rescuers.

And against the background of all these stories is always the question: “What is humanity deserve such incredible friends?»… The heroine of this story is called Cora and she Corgi. The first seven years of her life she lived from a breeder in horrible conditions. Moreover, its owners were interested only in money, and the Bark had to constantly give birth to puppies.

When in the seventh year of life, her health could not support such loads and in the litter was only one healthy puppy, Bark, brought to the clinic for euthanasia. Indeed, why have a dog which brings no financial benefits?…