Recovering Addict Saves Dog From Being Euthanized, But She Won’t Even Look At Him


PJ and Clove are now best friends. Few people will go to the shelter to save a dog that no one takes. After all, many people come there exclusively for cute mongrels. This man was looking for a true friend.

In 2010, Dr. Erica O’gri told him he had to write a will. Today he is alive and healthy thanks to a rescued dog. O’gri previously weighed 154 kg. He had type 2 diabetes and was taking a huge amount of medication, and doctors told him that if he hadn’t changed his life, he would probably have died within a few years.

“Either I die or I do something,” O’Gri said in a video about his story. O’Gri visited a nutritionist who offered him an unexpected solution: she advised O’Gri to take a dog from the shelter.