Puppy who won’t play is about to be euthanized


Simba was a small pooch who didn’t want to play with his people family. This is common when an animal is ill or in pain. They do not play because they are trying to reserve their energy to better fight whatever it is that is causing them to not feel healthy and well. Simba was no different.

However, because he didn’t want to play, his people family gave up on him. They took him to a place where he would be put to sleep, and then he would never get to play, or get well again. Some people who understood that sick animals like Simba don’t want to play, or can’t play, and they took him away from the place that might have been Simba’s last home.

These people took him to a wonderful vet, who helped him get rid of the fever that had been caused by ticks, and then Simba grew a little, and got bigger. Soon, Simba wanted to play, and he could run around and chase other dogs and wrestle with them, too. But better than that, Simba was found by his furever family and taken home. Simba’s ending is a happy one and shows that many animals who have been given up on could improve with just a little bit more care and attention.

Sourse: snapdogs.info