Puppy’s Family Owns A Bowling Alley, Teaches Him To Bowl


Bowling can be a lot of fun. Friends gather around, get some yummy food, and have a blast hanging out together. But did you know that bowling can be fun for dogs too? Me either! Meet Blake! A very special Goldendoodle with a very special talent. Blake can bowl! Don’t believe me, stay tuned!

His humans own a bowling alley. KT Lanes is a family-run operation located in Boise, Idaho. The bowling alley was named after Katelyn, the family’s skilled bowler who has even made it to the national team. She began bowling at three years old and has loved the sport ever since.

When Katelyn adopted Blake, she decided to teach him how to bowl. Well, how to teach him to slide a ball down a special green ramp with his paws (and it may just be the cutest thing EVER!) The ball travels down the ramp, then down the lane and if Blake is lucky, it knocks a few pins down. According to Katelyn, Blake’s high score is a 93! He’s even had a few strikes and a few spares!

Blake may just be in it for the treats but it’s pawsible that he has a passion for bowling just like his mom. The video below will make you squeal with delight. Aren’t dogs the best

Sourse: boreddaddy.com