Puppy Rescued from the Wood


It’s a footage story of little poor puppy with terrible wound his neck and became rotten, worm caused of the big dog bitten.

Rescuers have received a call from someone who spotted him in the wood and immediately rode to pick up him to a vet. He was in terrified condition, hopeless and he has spent long time suffered after being bitten.

God didn’t let this poor soul down and it’s very fortunate he was spotted and getting rescued from the person of God. The vet has cleaned up the wound, shaved the dirty fur and rid of thousand tick and flea that being attacked him.

With good medication, good foster care and ton of lovers from mercy people he’s now getting better and feeling safe. We will be full recovered soon and will be found a new sweet forever home.

We are grateful everyone that being an important part to save his life and bring him good life forever.