Puppy Rescued From Abusive Home Finally Adopted-Has The Best Reaction To Meeting His New Owner


Joey Wagner is the creator of a nonprofit animal rescue organization, which is located in Nova Scotia. He was used to seeing and hearing about animals in terrible condition. But when he saw this little guy, his heart broke into a million pieces.

Joey had heard about the case of a three month old pit bull puppy who was kept in a very abusive home. He heard about the condition of the pup, but he had no idea it was so bad. This poor little guy suffered from a severe case of mange, and had a ton of bruises, all over his little body.

Wagner picked him up and took him to an animal hospital in town. After a while, his bruises began to heal, but his emotional wounds were still wide open.

After a little bit more time, the puppy, who was named Mojo, began to heal and become himself again. Adoption requests poured in, but they still had a problem. Due to the severity of his condition, the animal center couldn’t just let anyone adopt him.

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