Puppy Reacts To Seeing Himself In Mirror For The First Time Ever And It’s A Total Day Maker


I think we can all agree that when puppies do anything it’s just downright adorable. Whether they are cuddling up to their giant siblings, playing with their toys, or slipping and sliding all over the floor, they always know how to make the day so much better. In this video, this little guy sees his reflection for the first time and his reaction is delightful.

His mom introduces him to the mirror and right away he takes a second look. He realizes there’s another dog! But who can it be? You can see just how puzzled he is as he peeks around the side to get a better look. He thinks his reflection can’t see him but wait, it’s doing the same moves he is! I can almost hear him saying in a little kid’s voice, “Who’s that guy? How is he moving like me?”

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