Puppy Was Left To Die In The Bottom Of A Canyon, Until This Climber Rescue Him


During the hike the man met on his way that shocked him. At the bottom of a deep canyon has the dog dies. Applying all his ammunition, the man was able to go down to the bottom of the canyon and save the dog who died of hunger.

The dog was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic, where it turned out that the dog besides, there are fractures. The man felt very sorry for the abandoned dog, so he took her to live to her house. Angered have experienced once the bitterness of loneliness.

He was bullied at school physically, parents turned away from him, and he felt unnecessary — like the dog that is left… The sad past forced the man to put himself in the place of a poor animal. He felt an invisible bond with him, and now, after a few hours they had together was at the vet.