Puppy Had Been Beaten And Abusd


Rudy the pit bull was originally found in critical condition on the streets of New York City. Now in a loving foster home, he enjoys nothing more than being pampered and taking warm baths.

There was a time when Rudy lived a life that no animal should ever have to experience. Fortunately for the pup, a person turned him into S.N.A.R.R. – a rescue group that saved him from the streets. Although they don’t give details about the condition for which Rudy was found, it sounds as if he was both sick and injured.

In the video, we are given the opportunity to see what Rudy’s life is like now with his foster family. And from the looks of it…it’s a lot different than before! He lies in a warm bath (in the kitchen sink) while his foster parent feeds him treats. He looks completely relaxed, surely enjoying the spa treatment. Then, after he has his fill of goodies, Rudy slowly drifts off to sleep within the sink of bubbles…

This video is so heartwarming to watch! Sadly though, Rudy passed away just a short time later because of his prior injuries. We’re happy to see that his last days on earth were filled with the love and kindness that he deserved!

Source: web10.ro