Puppy Given As A Gift Ends Up Alone On The Streets


This is a story of a puppy whose name is Fox and he had rough start in life. The rescuers found him on the streets of the city all alone after a woman who saw the pup contacted them. It was dark and Fox hid in the bushes. He was almost petrified, so scared he was!
It was dark and they decided to lure him with a cheeseburger. The dog was very thirsty and hungry, so it was a good idea. They managed to get him out within 10 minutes. Then one of the rescuers took him to the lap and he quickly calmed down. When they checked for a microchip, they discovered that he had one. But when they called the owner, there was the answer that they did not want the dog. It was a gift they did not need. Though they looked for doggy and worried when he escaped from the backyard, they did not want him back, so the rescuers started looking for the new home!