Puppy Found With Zip Tie Around Mouth Now Has A Whole New Life


While driving down a road in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, Liz Heatherly observed something heartbreaking at the side of the dirt road. As Liz, her mom and sister passed, they realized what they saw was what looked to be a 10-week-old hound lab mix. The black dog was hobbling down the curvy road. Covered in fleas and ticks, the poor pup appeared to have a cable tie around its mouth.

The trio parked in the first driveway and headed by foot to rescue the scared dog. There was just one problem: The pooch was frightened by all the passing cars. He was hard to catch.

“Once we walked back to the spot where we had seen him, he ran from us into a drainage ditch that was about 6 feet down,” Liz told The Dodo. “We had to slide on our bottoms to get down, and my sister pulled us back up with a spare leash we had in the car.”

After getting the dog on solid ground, they removed the nylon tie from around his muzzle. They uncovered open sores and severe scabbing where the plastic rubbed his skin raw. They then rushed him to the Cleveland Park Animal Hospital.

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