Puppy Found Lying In A Trash Bag With Broken Bones And A Broken Spirit. What Rescuers Decide To Do Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes!


Dog with broken bones start to run. She had to go through a few surgeries. But now all is well. He was thrown into the trash chute in a plastic bag – from the 19th floor. The janitor, who was out of the tank debris, suddenly noticed that one of the packages barely moved. Inside was a dog that resembled a living corpse.

When the poor fellow was handed over to rescuers, he could not stand on his feet, but even raise his head. In the veterinary hospital examined the dog and made the decision – he has no chance to survive, the humane thing is to euthanize the dog immediately.

However, at this point, the pit bull suddenly looked at the volunteers with a look that they decided to fight for his life to end.