Puppy Was About To Be Devoured By Coyote, But Got Rescued By A Furry Hero


Unusual scene was caught on a video surveillance camera in one of the States: small dog breeds, chi-weenie, named Trixie walked near the house.

Suddenly, it rushed a huge coyote. Trixie had no chance to escape from a wild animal, so she was easy prey and it seemed that the chances of survival for her. But Trixie has a friend — a neighbor’s Rottweiler named Happy. And Happy does not like when you hurt his friends, so the coyote had to capitulate and run away from the scene, tail between his legs.

This dog was incredibly lucky. Usually, coyotes will not so easily let go of their victims. This is their ancestral right to hunt. Apparently, the coyote took the dog as his lawful prey.