Pup Was So Abused, She Didn’t Even Look Like A Dog. But Her Journey To Recovery Is Inspirational


Rescuers in Puerto Rico came across a dog, later named Caci, who had been so abused that she didn’t even look like a dog. She had wounds all over her body and her face was so swollen. It was unknown who did this to her, but what mattered most is that she was now safe and far away from her abuser.

Rescuers took her in and got her the immediate medical attention that she needed. Doctors were worried because they were unsure if she’d even survive, but they promised they’d do everything they could to save her life.

A few days after being at the clinic, she was already responding to the antibiotic she was given. Her face swelling had gone down so much, and she was beginning to look like an actual dog.

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