Pup Misses Mommy And Calls Her, She Can’t Stop Laughing At Words He “Says” To Her


A very intelligent Terrier talking on the phone with the owner. He loves his mistress. And probably misses her a lot. The phone is on speakerphone. The dog, hearing the owner, was very emotional for her talking to you. Piling the dog’s life the permanent prohibitions and punishment, we turn them into depressed and nervous bio organisms. But then the dog is so convincing says that shows that she trusts to their owners. Emotions are inherent to both us and our dogs. We need to communicate with them so that they retain their emotions and at the same time, was well mannered. As well as the human brain, the animal brain is a complex system consisting of billions of nerve cells and connections between them. The brain is formed individually, based on many genetic factors and their own experience of the individual.