Pup Goes On A Bike Ride With Mom


Dogs are very social creatures and love to communicate with their owners. This is the best thing when the owner and the dog share the same activity. The dogs are just happy when they do something with their owners and when they go somewhere, this is a real adventure!
Many owners are couch potatoes and dogs have to stay in most of the time. It would be healthier for the dog to spend time outdoors, run and move a lot. Dogs also love car and bike rides. They love how wind flows through the fur. Dogs adore new sights and smells. Any pooch loves outings as they hope to meet other dogs as well.

The dog you will see now adores bike rides. The pooch is strapped onto the chest in a harness and looks at the world around being amused by everything. This video would not be so amusing if you do not look at the front paws of the dog. It moves them funnily just like his mom that paddles the bike forward. He thinks that helps his mom in this way. This is so cute!