Pregnant Pit Bull Refuses To Give Birth When Foster Mom Sees Heap Of Babies In Her Ultrasound


Chris and Mariesa lived a crazy enough life — what with a handful of big rescue dogs to wrangle at home. But one day at their county kennel, they came across a pregnant shelter dog named Storie.

The couple quickly fell in love with Storie, so by the time they learned she was pregnant with 12 puppies, it was already too late.

But as ready as Storie was to pop, she was reluctant to go into labor.

“Dogs having puppies at shelters — it’s not the best thing for them. It’s stressful for her, stressful for the puppies,” Chris says. They couldn’t not take Storie home.

Chris and Mariesa decided to foster Storie and provide her with a safe place in which she could deliver and raise her puppies outside the shelter. They set her up with a comfy bed and prepared to wait for her to go into labor.

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