Pregnant Dachshund Has Giant Belly, But Rescuers Are Stunned When She Starts Giving Birth


Although many activists for animal rights are fighting and raising their voice against puppy mills in which dogs are bred over and over again in horrible and inhumane conditions, there are still many that are ran by people who make profit by selling puppies.

Maria is only one of the great number of dogs that are kept in cramped conditions in these puppy farms. She didn’t have it easy as her health condition was extremely poor, but was bred anyways. This poor mother-to-be is paralyzed from the ribs down and having the babies could put her life in danger.

Her owners were perfectly aware of this, and they knew the only way for her to deliver the puppies was via C-section that would cost a significant amount of money they weren’t willing to pay, so they simply got rid of her.

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