The Power of Puppies Can Be Seen in This Adorable Video


Dogs are the amazing remedy for boredom. We all know from childhood that the dog is man’s best friend, loyal, faithful, unchanging, for his whole life. And she loves his master always and all, and he was to her the most. And now, in our age of lack of communication, more than ever we need such unconditional adoration. The dog also brings huge benefits and mental health of the owner. James Serpell, the former head of the research group animals Kembriiskikh University, believes that Pets “radiate” a kind of emotional support, which is not in relations between people. The “dumbness” of animals is an advantage, not a disadvantage. The fact that dogs listen and seem to understand us, but don’t ask questions and do assessments is their most pleasant as companions. The relationship between dogs and their owners is similar to the relationship that therapists seek to establish with their patients.