Police Officer Breaks Up Employee Dispute At Shelter


A policeman arrived on a call to the shelter, but I could not leave without that puppy. Incredibly sweet story. Police are seen to be harsh people, who in a matter of seconds able to restore order to anything. But they’re not that terrible!

Still cops are people too and can have their weakness and softness in the character. The best example is the officer. He came to the shelter to deal with one of the employees, but found his happiness. He saw a little puppy, while he conducted an investigation. The baby’s name was Kilo and recently found on an orphanage doorstep.

Only one look in the eye, and the policeman realized that will not leave there without a puppy. Even when the police came to the orphanage to investigate, a Kilo once it happily rushed. Who are against this can stand? Now let’s see how happy this man is. After all, how little is needed for happiness. This will impact everyone.