Police Dog Shot In The Head While Chasing Suspect – But His Partner Sees Him Again!


Dog shot while on duty, was able to see his owner. Bruno, a German shepherd, is already not the first year working together with patrol officers. This time, the offender hit her in the head. The vets did everything they could, and Bruno’s slowly getting better. The first German shepherd who died at his post of duty during the Second world war, was the dog Communicator of the French army named Bobby.

In March 1940 he was carrying an important message through enemy lines and came under fire from German machine guns. Night, French soldiers carried the body of Bobby from the battlefield and was buried with honors four-legged hero. In the USA the most famous shepherd Chip – a soldier of the 3rd infantry division of the us army.

The chip was in the security service during the negotiations between Roosevelt and Churchill, held in Casablanca in January 1943; he participated in many military operations in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and Germany, and for his bravery received two awards: the “Silver star” and “Purple heart”. This dog will also get a reward but for now it just needs some time to recover. Usually such dogs like Bruno, require from 3 to 4 month to turn back to normal everyday service.