Police Called To Restrain A Huge Viscous Pit Bull, They Got A Real Surprise


Is a dog black and white? Well sometimes yes but that’s not quite what we mean here, judge for yourself, but like you, probably, we know what we at doggiescare think about the whole affair, abominable, and no not the snowman…

Police were called to tackle a ‘vicious’ pit bull bred dog from a neighborhood in Texas, residences surrounding them, the officer that came to the call said that the animal was just a huge big softy cuddly thing!

Travis Frost, the Police officer that was dealing with the dog saw the tan-colored dog layout on someone’s front porch, he approached casually.

He thoughtfully left the door to his vehicle open in case he needed to: – “…jump back in if the dog was vicious and came after him.”

The officer boldly whistled the dog who sprang up and trotted to him with a wagging tail…

The dog was patted down, and then jumped into the front seat of his vehicle, ready to take a ride with the officer!

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