Pit Bull Was Found On The Brink Of Death


Puppy pit bull Terrier taking a bubble bath. He had recently lost, and finally returned home. The owners decided to wash the dog, and gave him a bath. Pit bull Terriers are widely used as dogs therapists. They do an excellent job as visiting nursing homes and working with people with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Pit bull Terriers receive grades of outstanding dogs-therapists. Pit bulls are used in search and rescue operations. The most famous in all of America are Kris Crawford and her dogs. Kris and her dogs have helped save the lives of many people. Pit bulls are working to find drugs and explosives. Pit bull Terriers get along well with children. They would not have called “dog-nanny” if it wasn’t true. American pit bull Terrier is not aggressive towards man. This is one of the breed characteristics.

They are gentle and loving dogs. But, as with any dog, some dogs may be insecure or have problems with behavior. Pit bull was so popular in the early 20th century that became the mascot not only in world war I and also during world war II. Their image appeared on recruiting posters during this period of time. –†it bulls pass the American temperament test (TT) in 83.4% of cases. This result is better than the popular border collie (dogs of this breed do well in 79.6% of cases).