Pit Bull Waits for UPS Driver Everyday


Bond can be sometimes established despite the ownership, like in this case, for example. This heartbreaking story would end badly without bond established long before the dog was adopted. This pit bull lived happily in his family and was very happy to see Katie each time, a UPS driver, he regularly saw. They have known each for 2 years and liked to meet. The dog greeted woman with kisses and wagging tail when she delivered the package.
Then the tragedy happened and the owner of the dog passed away. This is always very hard to replace the owner. However, presence of Katie in the life of the dog made it easier for Leo.
Katie took Leo to her place where she lived with her dogs and Leo liked it there. He played with his new friends, so Katie decided to leave it this way. Dog felt happy at new place. The fate brought them together. Katie likes sweet and lovable personality of the dog.