Pit Bull Rescued From Drug Bust Loves Fostering Puppies Now!


Last summer, Toast the pit bull had the bad luck of being in the way during a drug bust. He and another dog were shot full of tranquilizers by police.

“Thankfully, they used tranquilizers and not guns,” Anya Kopchinsky tells The Dodo. “Both dogs woke up immediately wagging their tails.”

Toast then had the good luck of going home with Kopchinsky, who fosters pit bulls at her home in Connecticut. It turned out to be lucky for her as well.

In the last five years, Kopchinsky has fostered 67 dogs, all pit bulls.

Toast started off as a foster, too, through Cat Assistance/Pit Stop, the nonprofit that got him out of Animal Care Centers of NYC, New York City’s public shelter, where he and the other dog wound up after their police encounter. (The other dog was adopted right out of the shelter.)

Kopchinsky nursed the dog through pneumonia he’d picked up in the shelter, and in the process fell in love. So hard, that Toast is her first foster fail.

Now, Toast helps out with the still-steady stream of other foster pups – like little Sasha Fierce, who landed in a Connecticut shelter with bad burns on her back at just a little over a month old.

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