Pit Bull Gets Adopted After Arriving at Shelter


Hidden camera help to find people who illegally dump dogs in Kansas City, Missouri. But this is not the main meaning of their setup. Such video helps to rescue abandoned animals like in the case you will see below. A 3-year-old pit bull mix was dropped in the middle of the road not far from the illegal dumping site. Poor thing was pushed out of the car and then the pooch ran after vehicle trying to catch up with it. The city inspector “went into a little rage” when he saw the footage. This is the place where people usually throw out trash and junk. It’s a pity that owners of dog named Mojave did the same with this beautiful pup – threw him out like trash. Fortunately, the man knew how to help. The dog was found, taken to animal shelter and put up for adoption. The amazing thing is that the dog stayed there for 30 minutes only. The couple came, saw the dog and fell in love with the dog even before they knew what had happened to the doggie. Now his new humans adore the doggie, and spoil their best friend.
By the waym Mojave’s previous owner was found. Investigators traced his car’s license plate and have charged the man with animal abandonment.