Pit bull chained in cold snow screams for help – Then one cop gives her the chance of a lifetime


Thoroughbred handsome man with eyes of different colors: one blue, and the second – Karim, nicknamed Kano has already managed to check in and earn the reputation of a valuable frame.

According to Stafford police Department, a young dog weighing 55 pounds was named after a character from Mortal Kombat because of the unique color of the eyes. Kano completed a course at Universal K9 to search for marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy.

Despite the successes of the four-legged policeman, his partner, officer Mason Paden, notes that people may be a little concerned that the pit bull serves the police because of the prejudices that exist in society regarding this breed of dog. Paden and Kamo intend to destroy them, and show that the pit bulls are capable of good deeds.