When a Pit Bull Broke into a Cage of Baby Chicks, It Looked They Were Goners!


People should stop calling pit bulls mean and vicious because this is far from being true. People are afraid when they hear about their bad rap, but there are no grounds for it. It is even illegal in some countries to keep the dog of this breed. This is unfair that such sweet doggies are often called bad named. We have published so many videos on this site that prove the opposite thing. If you raise these dogs with love, they are grown into the sweetest dogs you can imagine. Though their muscles are strong, and jaws are powerful, they are not aggressive at all.
You can see how the pit bull runs to the cage with turkey baby chicks. Taking the reputation of the dog into consideration, this thought comes to mind at once. You can think that chicks were goners, but when you see what actually happened after the dog entered the cage…well, you’d better watch it. Things went much differently from what many viewers expected!