Peggy The Pug Was No Longer Needed For Breeding


When this good samaritan seen this happen right in front of her eyes she ran quickly to the rescue of the little dog that had been tossed out of a van. Thankfully, the dog wasn’t injured. However she had a skin condition and was obviously used as a breeder.

Peggy, the pug was, understandably, scared of everything and didn’t trust humans.

Upon further testing it was revealed that the poor dog was used to breed litter after litter. They assumed that when her skin condition started getting worse, the breeders decided to get rid of her. Thrown away like garbage.

After a few short days with the RSPCA, Peggy’s personality started to show itself. She was an absolute doll!They knew it would be a long journey, but the Pug definitely deserved this second chance at life. Liz Wood, deputy manager at Millbrook Animal Centre (RSPCA), spent months with Peggy giving her love and attention and long walks outside.

The humans responsible for this cruel act of animal abuse have not yet been caught, but there’s an ongoing investigation. Until then, Liz and Peggy are spending time taking walks and cuddling.

Peggy deserves a better life don’t you agree?