Owner Who Dumped Pit Bull On The Streets


The man threw a pit bull through the fence of his own house because the puppy had written on X-Box. Lizzy, a volunteer, agreed to take the dog with her ’cause absolutely sure that with this owner the dog will only get worse. In America there are a series of TV programs that like dogs, like criminals need to be adapted. It is called Ā«Pitbulls and paroleesĀ». Tia Maria Torres is just in love with pit bulls.

For this reason, she opened her own center on the content of this breed of dogs. Maria Torres is trying by all means to prove that these dogs are not vicious killers. They are the most common, if to care for them, and them to train. In its center is staffed by parolees who can’t find work. Given a chance Pitbull, she offered a second chance and these people. In addition, women help her two daughters, and guys are twins, which she once picked up like hungry puppies.

They just came and stayed. So she lives in her own little world. The sad and often undeserved reputation as a “bad” fighting dog led to the fact that the pit bull was against the law in some countries and cities in the world. If you are the owner of the pit bull Terrier, you should know that you can meet hostile to the dog people who are misinformed about this wonderful dog.