Owner Recorded Yelling At Dog To ‘Go And Die’ Gets Rescued


The dog is the best friend, but can dogs say the same about humans? There are so many cases of abuse that we start wondering that they still love us and still loyal. Acts of abuse begin much earlier than people usually notice. When somebody yells at the pet, we just pass by as if nothing happens. After all, yelling does not bring physical harm but when something happens, it’s too late already. The dog is injured or killed. People could prevent it but nothing was done.
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) asks people to be more vigilant as in the case below. This dog is happy now only thanks to good samaritan who saw the man yelling at the dog and recorded it. RSPCA released footage of a dog being abused. Man yelled at his dog ‘Die’ and threatened poor dog with a hammer. The dog was very frightened. As for the man, he denied that he had done something wrong. He said about stressful day at work that affected his behavior. Anyway, the organization interfered and the doggy was rescued thanks to the person who wasn’t indifferent.