Owner comes to pick up dog from vet


There’s something about smart pets that you can’t deny. They can trick you into doing what they want. In fact, some of them are out right tricksters. This one here is another thing!

So this owner takes this dog to the vet center and leaves him there for a while. It’s a fact that many pets don’t really like getting on those scary trips to the vet. They hate the experience of having to spend time there all bored and cared for by strange people. And what with all the poking and injections!

It’s understandable that a pet wouldn’t really love the idea of being left with the vet staff. So when this guy finally shows up to pick his good animal from the center, he expected the dog to be all so happy and jumping around and hugging him for finally coming, but he didn’t expect what he got. It’s interesting!

Not even some treats could get the dog’s spirits up to forgive the guy for taking him to the vet center. He won’t even get off the seat. From a strategic point of view, the dog blackmailing the guys into taking him out for treats in an effort to make him happy again. Trickster!

Sourse: nice-pet.net