Owner Asks Dog If He ‘Wanted A Kitten’


This dog really wanted a kitten. The owner decided to go to the pet store and bring back a tiny cat. The owners of the cat or dog are sometimes faced with a difficult situation — the house appears irreconcilable (by conventional standards) the enemy of the animal. It happens that someone has lived at home the dog, but suddenly came to the house the kitten, so cute, pathetic, will not drive. But there is a totally opposite situation.

The owner says that initially planned to choose a turtle, a bird, a hamster… the Dog is not very happy. But then she hears that the owner thought, and chose a kitten. Traditionally believe that these two animal species live together can’t. Initially they hate each other, the most striking example — as a dog furiously chasing outside cats as the cat immediately tenses when he sees a dog.

But it happens in natural conditions, the apartment is uncompromising by nature enemies have other problems. The first task facing the owner of these animals, when they both begin to live in the same room is by changing your personal status. If you still lived the cat, you are proud to consider themselves “cat people”. And even if you were okay with it still dogs, still looked down on them. The same can be said about dog people.