Orphan Kitten Adopted By Family And Scared Of New Home


A kind family had adopted this little kitten named Tuukka about 2 years ago after they had found him in a tree in Austin, Texas. Of course, as most orphan kittens would be, this one month old kitten was scared when he came to his new home and new family and would hide from everyone. But then the family’s Golden Retriever decided that he would look out for him and help him feel right at home in his new home.

After spending a little bit of time together, the kitten started to open up to the Golden Retriever and would nuzzle up against him and cuddle with him as much as he could. It became very clear that this kitten loved his new dog brother and that they would be friends forever!

You’re going to love the friendship these two have together. They are inseparable! Watch the entire story below!

Sourse: themeowblog.com